The growing focus of the legislators and of the legal systems on corporate governance together with the complexity of the rules referred to administration, control and to the civil, criminal and administrative liability of corporate bodies (BoD, statutory auditors, shareholders) and of the corporation as such, requires qualified assistance, mostly in case of company structures set out in parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, active in different countries and, therefore, subjects to different legal and tax jurisdictions that influence investments profitability, compensation and fiscal treatment of expatriates, and, more generally, the decision to expand companies business abroad.

With regard to corporate law, Campanale law firm acts also in various aspects of compliance: environmental, safety, labour and against the corporate crimes; source of criminal and civil liability for companies and their management according to the legislation of the majority of the developed economies. A consolidated expertise, granted by a personal experience of Campanale law firm founder in the role of Director, auditor, controlling deputy of various Italian and foreign companies, some of them listed to stock exchanges, allows Campanale law firm to provide assistance and support, also from a practical aspect, about specific commitments provided by the Law for Board of Directors, Advisory Boards and watchguard bodies and secretarial services for shareholders and Board of Directors meetings.