The presentation of the legal services offered by law firms to clients and prospective clients represents a recent novelty in Italy. This change was the outcome of a fervent debate in the Italian Parliament and the “Antitrust Authority”, having the aim to improve the preliminary information due to the prospective clients about the law firms areas of practices, specialities and costs, in order to give the client a better chance to make an informed choice. 

Campanale law firms wants to seize the opportunities presented by the evolution described above, in order to reinforce and increase the efforts its lawyers have always made to provide clear information, to the advantage of both, italian and foreign, existing and prospective clients. Campanale law firm is partner of Consulegis, a network of independent law firms, located in the major towns of the world, with expertise  in various branches of law, including tax issues. 

The main reason for such a choice is to offer reliable assistance to clients with interests covering different locations throughout the nation and other countries. Thanks to the specific competences of its members, Studio Legale Campanale offers legal assistance and judicial defence to its clients, either in traditional matters such as private and commercial law or in more sophisticated matters.

In this website are shown some of the main areas of law dealt with by Studio Legale Campanale.

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